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Please follow the instructions below then fax this page and your order invoice/confirmation page to: 1-866-691-7902

Fax Order Instructions:
  1. Visit the Brilliant Dreams Order Page
  2. Place your order online and choose FAX as your payment method. Make sure you enter your correct Bill-To address (and Ship-To address if different) and indicate the preferred/appropriate shipping method (this gets your order queued in our system).
  3. Print your order confirmation page from the Brilliant Dreams website.
  4. Fill out the payment form below, sign it, and fax both the order confirmation page and this completed payment form to: 1-866-691-7902 or mail to the address above.

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Alternatively, you may mail your order confirmation and this completed payment page to:

Brilliant Brands LLC
1031 State St. NW, Ste. 101
Atlanta, GA 30318 USA

Your order should ship within 24 hours of your credit card being charged.