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Sex Dream / Erotic Dreams

With Brilliant Dreams, sexually themed dreams are much more vivid and intense and you will be able to remember the exciting (and stimulating) details!

An area devoted to sexuality in dreams? Freud would be proud. Sex and sexuality in dreams play an important role in the history and myths surrounding dreaming, dream theory, and, to varying degrees, the dreams of most everyone.

Sex dream, erotic dreams, sleazy dream and sexual dreams - If you are prone to sex dreams, Brilliant Dreams will enhance dream vividness.Freud may have fathered psychological theory regarding dreams and sexuality, but it wasn't put into cultural perspective until the 1950's. In his 1950's landmark studies of sexual behavior, Alfred Kinsey found that two thirds of women and nearly 100% of men reported experiencing overtly sexual dreams. Further, 83% of men had experienced nocturnal emissions both with and without dreams, usually during their late teens and 20's. Surprisingly (for a 1950's study especially) he found that, by age 45, nearly 40% of women reported that they had experienced an orgasm from a sex dream.1

Sex dreams dream enhancement - Brilliant Dreams does not change the content of your dreams, but will ehance and improve your ability to remember dreams based on your current dream habits... for entertainment or dream interpretation.

What About Guys and Sex Dreams?

Male sexuality is actually a greater studied field and more socially accepted as an openly discussed topic. Fact is, nearly all men experience sexually overt dreams and the great majority enjoy such dreams. Here we choose to focus on the less discussed topic of female sexuality and dreaming... figuring that men are more than happy to find an incredible product like Brilliant Dreams to make their sex dreams more vivid & entertaining, and give them a clearer memory of erotic dream experiences. TIP: Guys, if she asks, your girlfriend/wife is ALWAYS a part of your erotic dreams (her friends are NEVER a part).

More recent studies of female college students found that 35% reported having nocturnal orgasms, a dramatic change from the 8% of that age group in Kinsey's study. This dramatic increase was not attributed to any physiological change in women, rather, it is likely due to more liberal sexual attitudes, general awareness of nocturnal orgasms and more positive feelings about sex dreams. Interestingly, as with men, many women attribute their very first orgasm to dreams.2

Anecdotal evidence indicates that these numbers are poised to rise again as more women discover, through online web sites and forums, that nocturnal orgasms are actually a very frequent occurrence. A perfect example is this respondents comment from a recent survey: "I get these nocturnal orgasms too. I never really talked about them. I just thought it was me." Several other women had near identical responses.

For both men and women, researchers and psychologists agree that, unless sexual dreams are disturbing, you should simply enjoy, if not encourage them.


Dream Fact: In a trend that matches well to studies of sexual 'prime' in men and women, men tend to have sex dreams most frequently between late adolescence and their early twenties. Women's proclivity for sexual dreams actually increases with age until about age 40, where it plateaus, then starts to decline around age 55.

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1.Kinsey, Alfred C. et al. (1953/1998). Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders; Bloomington, IN: Indiana U. Press.
2. J Genet Psychol. 1976 Dec;129(2d Half):245-51. Nocturnal orgasm in college women: its relation to
dreams and anxiety associated with sexual factors.

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